Man pages for XiaoleiLiuBio/MVP
A Memory-efficient, Visualization-enhanced, and Parallel-accelerated Tool For GWAS

cattle50KGenotyped by Bovine50K chip
MVP.DataTo prepare data for MVP package
MVP.EMMA.Vg.VeEstimate variance components using EMMA
MVP.FarmCPUPerform GWAS using FarmCPU method
MVP.FaSTLMM.LLEvaluation of the maximum likelihood using FaST-LMM method
MVP.GEMMA.Vg.VeTo estimate variance component using HE regression
MVP.GLMTo perform GWAS with GLM model and get the P value of SNPs
MVP.K.VanRadenCalculate Kinship matrix by VanRaden method
MVP.MLMTo perform GWAS with MLM model and get the P value of SNPs
MVP.NumericalizationTo convert character SNP genotpe to numerical
MVP-packagea Memory efficient, Visualization enhanced, and Parallel...
MVP.PCAPrincipal Component Analysis
MVP.Reportreport and visualize the results
pig60KGenotyped by pig 60k chip
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