Man pages for YutongWangUMich/corgi
CORGI: Curve-fit Objective Ranking of Gene Importance.

batch_separationCompute the batch separation metric
combine_scesCombine several SingleCellExperiment objects
corgiThe user friendly version of corgi
corgi_select_genesSelect genes
dhillon_embThe embedding as defined in Dhillon, Inderjit S....
get_axes_legendEmpty plot with just the axes and labels
get_color_legendLegend for colors in a scatter plot
get_compared_gene_setsGet compared gene sets
get_membership_labels_from_set_listConvert a list of sets to a membership vector
get_scatterplotsReturn a list of scatter plots
get_shape_legendLegend for shapes in a scatter plot
HDG_rankingHighly dropped-out gene selection
plot_dimensionality_reductionWrapper around qplot for making cell scatter plots
run_mapping_accuracy_comparisonRun scmap over a range of parameters, over multiple gene sets
run_par_fsThe inner loop of corgi
run_scmapCellWrapper for 'scmap::scmapCell'
run_scmapClusterWrapper for 'scmap::scmapCluster'
sample_cellsSubsample cells random
Seurat_CCA_GeneLoadingWrapper around Seurat's CCA to extract gene loadings
spearman_rho_mdsMultidimensional scaling on Spearman rho correlation distance
top_n_genesReturn the top genes according to a named vector.
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