Man pages for alextkalinka/linkcomm
Tools for Generating, Visualizing, and Analysing Link Communities in Networks

corLinkcommCentralityCorrelation of Community Centrality with Classic Centrality
cutDendrogramAtExtract Meta-Communities
edge.duplicatesFind and Remove Edge Loops and Duplicates
getAllNestedCommFind Nested Communities
getClusterRelatednessHierarchichal Clustering of Link Communities
getCommunityCentralityCalculate Community Centrality Measures for Nodes
getCommunityConnectednessCalculate Community Connectedness or Modularity
getCommunityMatrixConstruct a Community Membership Matrix Node Overlaps between Communities
getEdgesInExtract Edge Indices from Communities
getLinkCommunitiesExtract Link Communities from a Network
getNestedHierarchiesFind Nested Structures in Communities
getNodesInExtract Nodes from Communities
getOCG.clustersGenerate Overlapping Cluster Generator (OCG) Communities
get.shared.nodesGet Nodes Shared by Communities
graph.featureMake Node or Edge Graph Features
human_ppSample Human Protein Interactome
integer.edgelistConvert A Network to an Integer Edgelist
karateSocial Network in a Karate Club
layout.spencer.circleCalculate Node Coordinates for a Spencer Circle
lesmiserablesCo-Appearance Network from Les Miserables
linkcomm2clustnseeWrite a Partition File for Clust&See
linkcomm2cytoscapeWrite an Edge Attribute File for Cytoscape
linkcomm-packageThe 'linkcomm' package
LinkDensitiesCalculate Link Community Link Densities
meta.communitiesProduce a Set of Meta-Communities
newLinkCommsAtUser-Defined Link Communities
numberEdgesInExtract Node Community Membership by Edges
orderCommunitiesOrder Link Communities According to the Dendrogram
plot.linkcommThe 'linkcomm' Plotting Function
plotLinkCommDendPlot a Coloured Dendrogram of Link Communities
plotLinkCommGraphPlot a Graph Layout of Link Communities
plotLinkCommMembersPlot a Community Membership Matrix for Link Communities
plotLinkCommSummPlot a Summary of the Link Community Algorithm Output
plotLinkCommSummCommPlot a Summary of the Link Communities
plot.OCGThe 'OCG' Plotting Function
plotOCGraphPlot a Graph Layout of OCG Communities
pp_rnapolSample Yeast Protein Interactome
print.linkcommPrint a Summary of a 'linkcomm' Object
print.OCGPrint a Summary of an 'OCG' Object
read.OCGRead an OCG Partition File into R
weightedSample Gene Co-Expression Network
which.communitiesExtract Community Membership for Nodes
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