Man pages for areyesq89/DEXSeq
Inference of differential exon usage in RNA-Seq

accessorsAccessor functions for DEXSeqDataSet details
countsAccessors for the 'counts' slot of a DEXSeqResults object.
DEXSeqPerforms the differential exon usage test in a single command
DEXSeqDataSetDEXSeqDataSet object and constructors
DEXSeq-defunctThis functions are deprecated and will become defunct.
DEXSeqHTMLDEXSeq HTML report writer
DEXSeqResultsDEXSeqResults object
estimateDispersionsEstimate the dispersions for a DEXSeqDataSet
estimateExonFoldChangesEstimates exon usage coefficients from the fitted terms of...
estimateSizeFactorsEstimate the size factors for a DEXSeqDataSet
methods-grMethods from GRanges overlaps for the DEXSeq object
otherMethodsSubset and replacements of DEXSeqDataSet slots
perGeneQValueSummarize per-exon p-values into per-gene q-values.
plotDEXSeqVisualization of the per gene DEXSeq results.
plotDispEstsPlot dispersion estimates
plotMAGenerate an MA plot
testForDEUTest for Differential Exon Usage
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