Man pages for chapmandu2/CancerCellLines
Analysis of cancer cell line data

dietlein_dataResponse data from Dietlein et al
getAffyDataExtract affymetrix expression data
getCopyNumberDataExtract copy number data
getCosmicCLPDataExtract Cosmic CLP Exome sequencing data
getDrugData_CCLEExtract CCLE drug response data
getDrugData_customExtract custom drug response data
getHybcapDataExtract hybrid capture sequencing data
getResponseDataGeneric function to get response data from multiple sources
getTissueCellLinesConvert tissue to cell lines
getTissueInfoGet tissue info for cell lines
helloHello, World!
importCCLE_affyImport CCLE affy data
importCCLE_cnImport CCLE copy number data
importCCLE_drugresponseImport CCLE drug response data
importCCLE_hybcapImport CCLE hybrid capture sequencing data
importCCLE_infoImport CCLE cell line information
importCellLineIDsImport cell line interconversion data
importCosmicCLP_exomeImport Cosmic Cell Lines Project exome sequencing data
makeGeneticVsGeneticDataFrameGet GeneticVsGenetic data
makeRespVsGeneticDataFrameGet RespVsGenetic data
makeRespVsRespDataFrameMake a RespVsResp data frame
makeTallDataFrameMerge different data types into a single tall data frame
makeToyDBSet up a toy database
makeWideDataFrameMerge different data types into a single wide data frame
makeWideFromRespVsRespDataFrameMake a RespVsResp wide data frame
makeWideFromTallDataFrameTurn a tall data frame from makeTallDataFrame into a wide...
plotGeneticVsGeneticHistCompare two genetic features (histogram)
plotGeneticVsGeneticPointCompare two genetic features (scatter/boxplot)
plotHeatmapMake a heatmap from a tall data frame
plotRespVsGeneticHistCompare response against a genetic feature (histogram)
plotRespVsGeneticPointCompare response against a genetic feature (scatter/boxplot)
plotRespVsRespDensityDensity plots for selected response variables
plotRespVsRespPairsCorrelation plots for selected response variables
plotRespVsRespWaterfallWaterfall plot for selected response variables
setupSQLiteConnect to or create a RSQlite connection
shinyGeneticVsGeneticAppGenetic vs Genetic Shiny visualisation
shinyRespVsGeneticAppRuns the Shiny visualisation
shinyRespVsRespAppResponse vs Response Shiny visualisation
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