Man pages for cmcouto-silva/gt
Facilities for essential tasks in R

admixture.plotAdmixture Barplot
annot_snp_genesAnnotate Gene info from SNP ID
annovarAnnotate Genes
cleanClean workspace
df.subDataframe Subsetting
eigensoft2plinkConversion from EIGEN to Plink format
flip_strandFlip DNA strand
get_snp_genesGet Gene info from SNP ID
pkg.libLoad multiple packages in R
plink2eigensoftConversion from Plink to Eigenstrat format
plink_fstCalculate Fst via Plink
plink_mergeMerge Plink files
plink_merge_listMerge Multiple Plink files cases and controls in .fam file from Plink
read.bimRead bim file
read.vcfRead vcf file
remove_monomorphic_allelesRemove Monomorphic Alleles
reset_fam_stateReset fam state from Plink
rm.extensionRemove file extension
seePrint first lines & columns from a data frame
shapeit_mergeMerge Shapeit files (.haps/.sample)
shapeit_set_ancestorAdjust Ancentral/Derived Alleles According to Reference
shapeit_splitSplit Shapeit files (.haps/.sample)
snpdata_mgmtSNP Data Management
vcf_mergeMerge vcf files
write.bimWrite .bim
write.vcfWrite .vcf
xclipRemove additional spaces/paragraphs from clipboard text
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