Man pages for davismcc/cardelino
Clonal Analysis of Cells Using Single Cell Data

cardelino-packageClonal Analysis of Cells Using Single Cell Data
cell_assign_EMEM algorithm for assigning cells to clones and estimating...
cell_assign_GibbsGibbs sampling the cell assignments to cloens and the...
get_prob_gapGet the probability gap between the highest and the second...
get_prob_labelGet the clone label from the assignmnet probabilities.
get_snv_thetaCalculate the SNV specific allelic frequency (True postive...
Geweke_ZGeweke diagnostic for MCMC sampling.
missing_updateUpdate matrix D with manully selected missing rate
mixBinomEM algorithm for estimating binomial mixture model
plot_treePlot a phylogenetic tree
predMixBinomPredicted probability from learned binomial mixture model
sim_read_countSythetic reads generator for genetic variants
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