carnivores19x29.raw: 29 3D landmarks from the skulls of 19 carnivoran specimens

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A dataset containing the 29 3D landmarks collected from the skulls of 19 carnivoran specimens This data.frame consists of a first column with the specimen labels used by MCMCtree, a second column with the voucher names of the specimens collected, and then 87 columns with the coordinates for each trait (29 landmarks x 3D coordinates). Please take a look at the description in morpho/data-raw/carnivores19x29.raw.R to understand how this object was generated.




A data.frame with s = 19 rows and p = 89 columns ( 2 info columns + 87 traits ):


Rows, specimens from which landmarks were collected, 19


Columns, specimens information in 1st and 2nd column + 87 traits (29 landmarks in 3D)

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