Man pages for elimereu/matchSCore2
What the Package Does TODOELI

align_runIntegration of different datasets
compute_labelsClustering matching
cor_batchThis function computes the correlation between cells of the...
cut_markersSelect the top n cluster markers
defac_matrixMarkers and differentially expressed genes of the simulated...
GOannotationCompute the weighted GO enrichment of cluster-specific...
identity_heatmapHeatmaps of class probabilities
identity_mapCell projections onto the reference dataset
markers_by_specificitySimulated group markers
matchSCoreCompute the cellular phenotype matching across simulated cell...
matchSCore2Compute the cellular phenotype matching across reference cell...
rank_simRank simulated group markers
scoresCompute matchSCore for different thresholds of specificity...
seurat3_runThis function runs Seurat3 by using the output of the...
summary_barplotCumulative barplot of cell mapped compositions
tool_scores_by_specificityCompute matchSCore for a specified value of specificity and...
train_modelModel training
tscores_plotsPlots matchSCore trends for a specific tool
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