Man pages for funkhou9/breedTools
Tools for use in breed composition prediction using genomic data

allele_freqComputes allele frequencies for specified populations given...
breed_lookupLookup haplotypes from a breed probability matrix
breedToolsEstimate breed composition of unknown animals using...
build_KBPBuild reference panel for KBP (KIT-based breed probability)...
build_local_referenceBuild reference panel of breed probabilities
build_MBPBuild reference panel for MBP (MC1R-based breed probability)...
get_gsibsObtain relatives of id that share a grand mother or grand...
get_sibsObtain siblings of id, if any
haplo_compCompute haplotype frequencies and genotype probabilities
has_gsibDetect if ID has a 'great sibling' in the pedigree, as...
has_progenyDetect if each ID has progeny in pedigree and how many.
has_sibDetect if ID has a full-sib or half-sib in the pedigree, as...
has_sireDetect if each ID has a Father/Sire in pedigree
ped_buildConstructs pedigree information for select individuals
pick_unrelatedPick unrelated ids from a pedigree
screen_purityCalculate both GWBC and KBP for a test animal
sim_compositionSimulate hybrid animals for breed composition
sim_plotInspect the results of sim_composition()
solve_bp_genericSolve generic breed probabilities
solve_compositionCompute genome-wide breed composition
solve_KBPSolve KIT-Based Breed Probabilities (KBP)
solve_MBPSolve MC1R-Based Breed Probabilities (MBP)
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