Man pages for gagneurlab/OUTRIDER

aberrantNumber of aberrant events
computeGeneLengthExtracting the gene length from annotations
computeLatentSpaceExtracting the latent space
computePvaluesCalculate P-values
computeZscoresZ score computation
controlForConfoundersAutoencoder function to correct for confounders.
countsAccessors for the 'counts' slot of an OutriderDataSet object.
estimateBestQEstimation of Q
filterExpressionFilter expression
findEncodingDimFind the optimal encoding dimension
fitFit the negative binomial distribution
fpkmCalculate FPM and FPKM values
getter_setter_functionsGetter/Setter functions
makeExampleOutriderDataSetCreate example data sets for OUTRIDER
normalizationFactorsAccessor functions for the normalization factors in an...
OUTRIDEROUTRIDER - Finding expression outlier events
OutriderDataSet-classOutriderDataSet class and constructors
plotFunctionsVisualization functions for OUTRIDER
resultsAccessor function for the 'results' object in an...
sampleExclusionMaskSample exclusion
sizeFactorsSizeFactors accessor and estimation function
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