Man pages for gagneurlab/OUTRIDER

aberrantNumber of aberrant events
autoCorrectAutoencoder function to correct for confounders.
autoCorrectPythonAutoencoder function to correct for confounders (Pyhton...
computeGeneLengthExtracting the gene length from annotations
computeLatentSpaceExtracting the latent space
computePvaluesCalculate P-values
computeZscoresZ score computation
countsAccessors for the 'counts' slot of an OutriderDataSet object.
filterExpressionFilter expression
findEncodingDimFind the optimal encoding dimension
fitFit the negative binomial distribution
fpkmCalculate FPM and FPKM values
makeExampleOutriderDataSetCreate example data sets for OUTRIDER
normalizationFactorsAccessor functions for the normalization factors in an...
OUTRIDEROUTRIDER - Finding aberrant expression events
OutriderDataSet-classOutriderDataSet class and constructors
plotFunctionsVisualization functions for OUTRIDER
resultsAccessor function for the 'results' object in an...
sizeFactorsSizeFactors accessor and estimation function
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