Man pages for google/amss
Agreggate Marketing System Simulator

AdjustPopulationAdjust population vector to a new total
amss.simCreate AMSS simulation objects.
ApplyTransitionMatrixApply transition matrix to vector of population counts by...
CalculateROASCalculate ROAS or mROAS.
CalculateSampleROASCalculate ROAS from a pair of datasets.
CapitalizeCapitalize the first letter of a string.
CheckLengthCheck and adjust object length.
CheckListNamesCheck the names of a list.
CheckSalesActivityWarn users of possibility of consumers outside the 'purchase'...
DefaultNatMigModuleModel natural consumer behavior in the absence of marketing...
DefaultSalesModuleModel advertiser and competitor sales.
DefaultSearchMediaModuleModel paid and/or organic search.
DefaultTraditionalMediaModuleModel the effect of a traditional media channel.
DesatiateImplement desatiation.
EvalTextParse and evaluate a text string.
GenerateDataUnderNewBudgetGenerate data under a new budget
GetBrandStatesGenerate the list of brand states.
GetBudgetGet budget information from a simulation object.
GetBudgetIdxGet the budget period assigned to each time interval.
GetCategoryStatesGenerate the list of category states.
GetInteriorFind an interior point in a bounding box.
GetPopulationGet population size from a simulation object.
HillTransDefine the Hill transformation function.
InitPopInitialize population segmentation.
InitStateDataInitialize data.
MigrateMarginalSimulate migration in a single dimension of population...
MigrateMultipleSimulate migration in multiple dimensions of population...
MultiplyBySegmentCalculate the product of population segmentation...
OptimizeSpendOptimize the media budgets in a specified budget period.
ParseTParse text string.
PasteDPaste with "." separator.
population-segmentationPopulation segmentation constants
RBinomSimulate random number from the binomial distribution.
ReadRepeatingVectorRead entry from repeated vector.
ReduceDimensionReduce the dimensionality of the optimization
RHyperSimulate random number from the hypergeometric distribution.
RMultinomSimulate random number from the multinomial distribution.
RNBinomSimulate random number from the negative binomial...
RPoisSimulate random number from the Poisson distribution.
SimulateAMSSGenerate simulation objects under the AMSS framework.
SimulateAR1Simulate AR1 time series
SimulateCorrelatedSimulate correlated vectors.
SimulateDataSimulate data using the AMSS framework.
SimulateDummySimulate dummy (0-1) variables.
SimulateNotEmptyUrnsSimulate the number of urns.
SimulateSinusoidalGenerate sinusoidal time series.
SurfaceDataSurface observable data.
UpdateMarketUpdates in/out of market status by moving mimimal population...
UpdateMarketingResponsiveStatesUpdate segmentation in marketing-responsive states (activity,...
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