Man pages for grafab/gsrc
Genome Structure Rearrangement Calling in Genomes with High Synteny

call_genoGenotype with kmeans using three clusters
check_rawCheck raw data
cnvCopy Number Variation
filter_cnvFilter Copy number variations
filt_sampFilter Samples
filt_snpsFilter SNPs
find_blocksFind Synteny Blocks
find_peakFind peaks
geno_baf_rratioGenotype with kmeans using three clusters
intens_thetaPreprocess raw values and calculate Intensity and Theta...
interpolInterpolate cluster means
plot_cnvPlot Copy Number Variations
plot_globalPlot all chromosomes of a population
plot_gsrPlot all chromosomes of a sample
plot_raw_snpPlot raw SNP
plot_sampPlot all chromosomes of a sample
plot_trans_locationsPlot translocations
read_intensitiesRead multiple idat files.
read_sample_sheetsRead sample sheet(s)
remove_suffixRemove suffix from sample names
rename_samplesRename sample names
require_packageRequire package wrapper
segmSegmentation of R ratio values
split_sbSplit synteny blocks
synteny_infoClass for synteny information
trans_locationFind translocations
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