Man pages for grunwaldlab/metacoder
Tools for Parsing, Manipulating, and Graphing Taxonomic Abundance Data

ambiguous_patternsGet patterns for ambiguous taxa
apply_color_scaleCovert numbers to colors
calc_group_meanCalculate means of groups of columns
calc_group_medianCalculate medians of groups of columns
calc_group_rsdRelative standard deviations of groups of columns
calc_group_statApply a function to groups of columns
calc_n_samplesCount the number of samples
calc_obs_propsCalculate proportions from observation counts
calc_taxon_abundSum observation values for each taxon
can_be_numTest if characters can be converted to numbers
check_element_lengthCheck length of graph attributes
check_for_pkgcheck for packages
check_option_groupsCheck option: groups
compare_groupsCompare groups of samples
complementFind complement of sequences
containsdplyr select_helpers
convert_baseConverts decimal numbers to other bases
DNAbin_to_charConverts DNAbin to a named character vector
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