Man pages for hclimente/martini
GWAS Incorporating Networks

calculateECalculate the environmental component of the phenotype
calculateGCalculate the genetic component of the phenotype
check_installedCheck package is installed
encode_gwasChange encoding of dataset
evoRun evo.
get_evo_settingsGet evo settings.
get_GI_networkGet gene-interaction network.
get_GM_networkGet gene membership network.
get_GS_networkGet genomic sequence network.
get_ppiGet protein-protein interactions.
get_snp_modulesReturn groups of interconnected SNPs.
is_coherentCheck inner coherence of GWAS dataset
ldweight_edgesInclude linkage disequilibrium information in the network.
minigwasDescription of the minigwas dataset.
minippiPPIs for the minigwas dataset.
minisnpMappingGenes for the minigwas dataset.
run_sconesRun shake.
search_conesFind connected explanatory SNPs.
simulate_causal_snpsSimulate causal SNPs
simulate_phenotypeSimulate phenotype
snp2geneMap SNPs to genes.
subnetSubgraph of vertices with an attribute
subvertVertices with an attribute
test_cones_modulesCalculate an empirical p-value for 'find_cones' results.
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