Man pages for jhsiao999/Humanzee
Tools for statistical analysis of genomics data

bootstrap_cellsBootstrap cell labels for computing confidence intervals
bootstrap_cv_testBootstrapping to estimate confidence interval for individual...
cell_phase_assignAssign cell-phase using an ad hoc approach described in...
compute_cvCompute coefficient of variation
demo_dataImport data and prepare objects for shiny app
fisherCorrTestFisher's test for comparing Pearson's correlation...
fit_lmDifferential expression analysis using likelihood ratio test...
get_qvalMultiple hypothesis testings correction
gls.series_multiple_designslimma gls.series adapted for varying covariates across genes
goHeatmapDataConvert Prepare data for visualizing GO terms in a heatmap
GOtestConvert ENSG IDs to ENTREZ IDs adapted from...
Humanzee-packageGilad lab's tools for comparative analysis of gene expression...
interact2wayInteraction model for comparing inter-species divergence
interact2way_full_bufferOriginal version of interaction model for comparing...
mixedModel2Fit_multiple_designFitting mixed models of one random effect
normalize_cvAdjust coefficients of variation to remove mean dependency
permute_cellsPermute cell labels for computing empirical p-values
permute_cv_testPermute cell labels for computing empirical p-values
permute_interactWapper function for running interaction model on null data...
permute_interact_per_genePermutation-based test for per gene interaction models
plot_density_overlayOverlay density curves using base package
plot_divergence_scatterScatter plot of per gene inter-species divergence estimates
plotHeatmapPlot a heatmap of GO terms
PropTestTwo-proportion z-test
run_igraphScatterRun Scatter shiny app
ruv_mixed_modelRemove unwanted variation using mixed model
testDEInter-species divergence likelihood ratio test
voomWeightsCustomizedCompute voom weights using customized log2 counts
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