Man pages for jmzeng1314/humanid
gene id annotation

add_kegg_up_down_linkadd links for the KEGG enrichment table.
batch_enrichmentenrichment for GO/KEGG
batch_pheatmapDo batch heatmap for interested gene sets.
batch_t_testdo batch t.test for a matrix
cc_plotplot overall/within group mean correlation coefficient of...
create_dup_exprSetcreate the duplicated expression matrix
create_example_exprSetcreate expression matrix,rowname are unique genes, colname...
create_genesets_listcreate a list of gene sets for enzyme/protein complex/...
createGSEAinputcreate gct file and cls files
do_DEG_2groupsDo differential expression analysis for the expression matrix
downGSEdownload the data from GEO database
draw_boxplot_genedraw boxplot for a specific gene's values between two groups
format_DEGwrite some files from the DEG results from topTable(limma)
geneAnnoannotate gene name or map for entrez id or symbol
get_GSE_linksGet the links for GSE studyID
get_symbol_exprSetextract the expression matrix from a eSet object
GSEAMain GSEA Analysis Function that implements the entire...
helloHello, World!
hyperGtest_jimmyHypergeometric Tests for GO/KEGG test by jimmy
keggAnnoannotate KEGG pathway for entrez id or symbol
pathway_heatmapdraw heatmap for a single pathway or a batch of pahways
plot_ES_scorere-draw ES-score figures for GSEA
probesetAnnoannotate entrez gene id for the given probeset
pub_trendvisualization for the trend of reseach area based on some...
QCexpressionMatrixDo basic QC for a expression matrix.
refreshMicroarrayDataextract probeset ID and entrez gene id from R packages
refreshOrgHsDataextract gene IDs from
rmDupIDremove duplicat gene entrez ID or symbol for a expression...
update_keggupdate kegg data
Volcanic_DEGwrite some files from the DEG results from topTable(limma)
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