Man pages for jspaezp/sctree
Tree based analysis of single rna-seq clusters

antibodiesQuery Antibodies from multiple vendors a data frame from a Seurat object
as.frequency.matrixConvert confusion matrices and tables to frequency matrices
as.garnettConverts a classification tree to a garnett output
autoplotautoplot wrapper arround ggplot2 autoplot generic
cross_validateFits a decision tree in one data set and tests the...
FindAllMarkersGene expression markers for all identity classes
FindConservedMarkersFinds markers that are conserved between the groups
FindMarkersGene expression markers of identity classes
fit_ctreeFits a classification tree on a Seurat object
get_aliasesGets the aliases for a gene names
get_cluster_mappingGets the corresponding cluster for each terminl node in a...
get_concensus_rulesConsolidates the rules in a decision tree per cluster
get_genesymbolsGets the official gene symbol for protein or gene aliases
ggheatmap_baseBasic heatmap using ggplot
is.confusion.matrixCheck if the element has the structure of a confusion matrix
is_gene_membraneQueries gene symbols and returns if they are annotated as...
plot_flowstylePlots data as faceted scatterplot emulating the ouput of flow...
plot_gatesPlot Decision trees as gates
print.concensus.rulesPrints concensus rules
small_5050_mixA random subset of genes and cells from a 50:50 mixture of...
small_9901_mixA random subset of genes and cells from a 99:1 mixture of...
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