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Image processing and analysis

biOps-packageBasic image operations and image processing
imagedataGenerate an imagedata
imageTypeGet information on color type of imagedata
imgAddAdd two images
imgANDAnd two images
imgAverageAverage images
imgAverageShrinkShrink an image
imgBilinearRotateRotate an image
imgBilinearScaleScale an image
imgBinaryClosingApplies a "closing" to an image
imgBinaryDilationDilation of a binary image
imgBinaryErosionErosion of a binary image
imgBinaryOpeningApplies an "opening" to an image
imgBlockMedianFilterFilters an image
imgBlueBandReturn the image blue band
imgBlurBlurs an image
imgBoostHigh Boosts an image
imgCannyCanny Edge Detection Method
imgConvolvePerforms an image convolution
imgCropCrops an image
imgCubicRotateRotate an image
imgCubicScaleScale an image
imgDecreaseContrastDecrease contrast
imgDecreaseIntensityDecrease intensity
imgDifferSubstract two images
imgDifferenceEdgeDetectionEnhaces image edges
imgDivideDivide two images
imgEKMeansImage clustering
imgFFTFast Fourier Transformation of an image
imgFFTBandPassApply a band pass filter on a fft matrix
imgFFTBandStopApply a band stop filter on a fft matrix
imgFFTConvolveApply a convolution filter on an imagedata through fft...
imgFFTHighPassApply a high pass filter on a fft matrix
imgFFTInvFast Fourier Inverse Transformation to an image
imgFFTiShiftInverse of the imgFFTShift
imgFFTLowPassApply a low pass filter on a fft matrix
imgFFTPhaseImage representation of the fft matrix phase
imgFFTShiftShift a matrix and leave top-left value in the center
imgFFTSpectrumImage representation of the fft matrix spectrum
imgFreiChenFrei-Chen Edge Detection Method
imgGammaGamma correct an image
imgGaussianNoiseAdd gaussian noise
imgGetRGBFromBandsReturn an RGB image
imgGrayScaleClosingApplies a "closing" to an image
imgGrayScaleDilationDilation of a gray scale image
imgGrayScaleErosionErosion of a gray scale image
imgGrayScaleOpeningApplies an "opening" to an image
imgGreenBandReturn the image green band
imgHighPassFilterSharpens an image
imgHistogramReturn the image histogram
imgHomogeneityEdgeDetectionEnhaces image edges
imgHorizontalMirroringHorizontal mirror an image
imgIncreaseContrastIncrease contrast
imgIncreaseIntensityIncrease intensity
imgIsoDataImage clustering
imgKDKMeansImage clustering
imgKirschKirsch Edge Detection Method
imgKMeansImage clustering
imgMarrHildrethMarr-Hildreth Edge Detection Method
imgMaximumCalculates image maximum
imgMaximumFilterFilters an image
imgMedianShrinkShrink an image
imgMinimumFilterFilters an image
imgMultiplyMultiply two images
imgNDilationErosionDilation/Erosion multiple apply
imgNearestNeighborRotateRotate an image
imgNearestNeighborScaleScale an image
imgNegativeNegate an image
imgNErosionDilationErosion/Dilation multiple apply
imgNormalizeNormalization for vector and matrix
imgOROr two images
imgPaddingPad an image to the given dimensions
imgPrewittPrewitt Edge Detection Method
imgPrewittCompassGradientPrewitt Compass Gradient Edge Detection Method
imgRedBandReturn the image red band
imgRGB2GreyConvert color imagedata to grey imagedata
imgRobertsRoberts Edge Detection Method
imgRobinson3LevelRobinson 3-level Edge Detection Method
imgRobinson5LevelRobinson 5-level Edge Detection Method
imgRotateRotate an image
imgRotate90ClockwiseRotate an image
imgRotate90CounterClockwiseRotate an image
imgSaltPepperNoiseAdd salt and pepper noise
imgScaleScale an image
imgSharpenSharpens an image with selected mask
imgShenCastanShen-Castan Edge Detection Method
imgSobelSobel Edge Detection Method
imgSplineRotateRotate an image
imgSplineScaleScale an image
imgStdBinaryClosingFixed mask binary closing
imgStdBinaryDilationFixed mask binary dilation
imgStdBinaryErosionFixed mask binary erosion
imgStdBinaryOpeningFixed mask binary opening
imgStdBlurBlurs an image
imgStdNDilationErosionFixed mask NDilationErosion
imgStdNErosionDilationFixed mask NErosionDilation
imgThresholdThreshold an image
imgTranslateTranslate an image block
imgUnsharpenUnsharpens an image with selected mask
imgVerticalMirroringVertical mirror an image
imgXORXor two images
logoR logo imagedata
plot.imagedataPlotting an imagedata object
print.imagedataPrint information on a given imagedata object
r_dec_contrastDecrease contrast
r_dec_intensityDecrease intensity
readJpegRead jpeg file
readTiffRead tiff file
r_gammaGamma correct an image
r_imgAddAdd two images
r_imgAverageAverage images
r_imgDifferSubstract two images
r_imgMaximumImages maximum
r_inc_contrastIncrease contrast
r_inc_intensityIncrease intensity
r_look_up_tableTransforms an image by a given look-up table
r_negativeNegate an image
r_negative_lutNegate an image
r_thresholdThreshold an image
writeJpegWrite jpeg file
writeTiffWrite tiff file
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