Man pages for mengchen18/mogsa
Multiple omics data integrative clustering and gene set analysis

annotate.gsSummary annotation information of a gene set
bootMbpcaBootstrap mbpca to estimate the coherence of different data...
bootMbpcaKAn internal function called by 'bootMbpca'. of gene set variables across all samples.
combine-methodsCombine two objects of class 'mgsa' into one. or PC-wise decomposition of gene set scores for all... or PC-wise decomposition of gene set scores for a...
deflatdeflat function used by 'mbpca'
distMoaCalculate the distance matrix from an object of class...
getmgsaget values in an object of class "mgsa".
GIScalculate gene influential scores of genes in a gene set.
matpowercompute the power of a matrix
mbpcaExtension of PCA to analyze multiple data sets
mgsa-classClass '"mgsa"'
moaMultiple omics data analysis using MFA or STATIS
moa-classClass '"moa"'
moaCoefExtract the loadings/coefficients from an object of class...
moaScoreExtract global scores from an object of class 'moa-class'.
moa.sup-classClass '"moa.sup"'
moGapGap statistic for clustering latent variables in 'moa-class'.
mogsamultiple omics data integration and gene set analysis
mogsa-packageMultiple omics clustering and gene set analysis
msvdSVD based algorithm to calculate block Score and global...
NCI60_4arraysMicroarray gene expression profiles of the NCI 60 cell lines...
NCI60_4array_supdatasupp data for Microarray gene expression profiles of the NCI...
nipalsSoftKNIPALS algorithm with soft thresholding operator
pairwise.rvpairwise RV coefficients.
plotGSPlot the gene set space
plot-methodsMethods for function 'plot'
prepGraphitePrepare pathway gene sets from graphite package
prepMsigDBConver gmt format file to a list
prepSupMoaPrepare sumpplementary tables for projection by sup.moa or...
print-methodsMethods for function 'print'
processOptpreprocessing of input data in 'mbpca'.
show-methodsMethods for function 'show'
softKSoft-thresholding operator
summary-methodsMethods for function 'summary'
sup.moaProjecting supplementary tables on object of class...
toMoaconvert 'mbpca' result to 'moa-class'
wsvdWeighted singular value decomposition (SVD)
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