Man pages for mzinkgraf/fastOC
Co-expression network analysis across multiple species

checkGeneMetaFormatCheck GeneMeta format
color.barPlot heatmap color scale
createGeneMetaCreate gene metadata object
filterCommunityAssignFilter Louvain community assignemnts
filterVarianceFilter expression based on variance
getEdgelistCreate an edgelist from rpkm expression values
getOrthoWeightsConvert orthologous relationships to edgelist
louvainLouvain community detection
multiSppHclustHierarchical clustering of gene co-appearance in Louvain...
multiSppModulesIdentify modules with high co-appearance
multMergeCombine multiple files
multMergeHTseqCombine multiple htseq files using merge
parseInParanoidParse inParanoid table
plot_MultiSppPlot MultiSpp co-appearance matrix
weighted2rankListCorrelation matrix to list of maximum
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