Defines functions sort_core sort_modern

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#' Sort modern species dataset based on total count size
#' @param moderndat A modern data object containing species counts
#' @return Returns a modern dataset that has been sorted based on species count size, as well as the sorted species names and the index for the first species that contains all zero counts (if any)
#' @export
#' @examples
#' moderncounts_sorted=sort_modern(modern_counts)
sort_modern <- function(modern_dat) {
    # Find and sort the total no. of each species
    species_total <- sort(apply(modern_dat, 2, sum), decreasing = TRUE)

    # Order the species by total count
    species_order <- match(names(species_total), names(modern_dat))

    # Order the modern data based on the species order
    moderndat_sorted <- as.matrix(round(modern_dat[, species_order]))

    # Get the index for the first column of all 0 counts (if there are any)
    if (any(species_total == 0))
        begin0 <- min(which(species_total == 0)) else begin0 <- length(species_total)

    species_names <- names(species_total)
    return(list(moderndat_sorted = moderndat_sorted, 
                begin0 = begin0, 
                species_names = species_names))

#' Sort core dataset to be compatible with the sorted modern data
#' @param coredata A data object containing core species counts
#' @param speciesnames A list of species names that have been returned from \code{\link{sortmoderndata}}
#' @return Returns the sorted coredata where the species columns are compatible with the modern data that has been returned from \code{\link{sortmoderndata}}
#' @export
#' @examples
#' corecounts_sorted<-sortcoredata(coredata=core_counts,speciesnames)
sort_core <- function(core_dat, species_names) {
    # Match the core species names to the ordered modern species names
    species_match <- match(species_names, names(core_dat))

    # Sort the core data based on the modern species order
    if (any(is.na(species_match))) {
        message("These species appear in the modern but do not appear in the core: \n",paste(species_names[which(is.na(species_match))], collapse = " "), "\nThe model will assume that these species have zero counts.\n", "Check your data and modify if needed, otherwise continue.")
        readline(prompt="Press [enter] to continue")

        species_add <- species_names[which(is.na(species_match))]
        names_core <- names(core_dat)
        col_add <- matrix(0, nrow = dim(core_dat)[1], ncol = length(species_add))
        core_dat <- cbind(core_dat, col_add)
        names(core_dat) <- c(names_core, species_add)
    species_order <- match(species_names, names(core_dat))
    coredata_sorted <- as.matrix(round(core_dat[, species_order]))

    return(list(coredata_sorted = coredata_sorted))
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