Man pages for nspope/r2vcftools
An R interface for vcftools

ChromExtract SNP ids and positions
CleanClean unused temporary VCF files
CopyCopy vcfLink object
FilterFilter VCF files
FstatsFst calculation from VCF file
GenoConvert VCF to genotype matrix
GenotypeMatrixConvert VCF to genotype matrix and return
LfmmConvert VCF to LFMM format
LfmmEnvCreate environmenal variable file for LFMM
LinkageCalculate linkage disequillibrium between loci
LoadMetaAttach metadata to vcfLink object
PlinkConvert VCF to Plink
QueryQuery attributes of a VCF file
RelatednessRelatedness calculation from VCF file
SaveSave vcfLink object
SubsetSubset VCF files
TajimaDTajima's D
UpdateLinkUpdate link to temporary VCF
vcfLinkCreate a vcfLink object
vcfLink-classAn S4 class containing a link to a VCF file which vcftools...
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