Man pages for paubellot/netbenchmark
Benchmarking of several gene network inference methods

aracne.wraparacne wrapper function
c3net.wrapc3net wrapper function
clr.wrapCLR wrapper function
comp.metrCompute metrics
datasource.subsampleSubsampling datasource procedure
evaluateInference Evaluation
experiments.benchNoise sensitivity benchmark
GeneNet.wrapGeneNet wrapper function
Genie3.wrapGenie3 wrapper function
mrnetb.wrapmrnetb wrapper function
mrnet.wrapmrnet wrapper function
mutrank.wrapMutual Rank wrapper function
netbenchmarkBenchmarking of several network inference algorithms from...
netbenchmark.dataBenchmarking of several network inference algorithms for your...
netbenchmark-packageBenchmarking of several inference networks methods
noise.benchNoise sensitivity test
ntb_globalsAvailable wrappers in the package of the fast methods
rateInference Validation
RegistrerWrapperWrapper (un)registration routine
zscZ-score c++ function
zscore.wrapZscore wrapper function
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