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Default function for the MRNET network inference algorithm





Numeric matrix with the microarray dataset to infer the network. Columns contain variables and rows contain samples.


The MRNET approach consists in repeating a MRMR feature selection procedure for each variable of the dataset. The MRMR method starts by selecting the variable Xi having the highest mutual information with the target Y. In the following steps, given a set S of selected variables, the criterion updates S by choosing the variable Xk that maximizes I(Xk;Y) - mean(I(Xk;Xi)), Xi in S.
The weight of each pair Xi,Xj will be the maximum score between the one computed when Xi is the target and the one computed when Xj is the target.


mrnet.wrap returns a matrix which is the weighted adjacency matrix of the network inferred by MRNET algorithm. The wrapper uses the "spearman" correlation (can be used with continuous data) to estimate the entropy - see build.mim.


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See Also

netbenchmark, evaluate, mrnet


     # Data
    data <- grndata::getData( = "toy",FALSE)
    # Inference
    net <- mrnet.wrap(data)

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