Man pages for pmartR/pmartRdata
Mass spectrometry (MS) data

isobaric_edataIsobaric Peptide Expression Data (e_data)
isobaric_fdataIsobaric Peptide Feature Data (f_data)
isobaric_objectIsobaric Data Object of Class isobaricpepData
lipid_edataLipidomics Expression Data (e_data)
lipid_fdataLipidomics Sample Feature Data (f_data)
lipid_objectLipidomics Data Object of Class lipidData
metab_edataMetabolomics Expression Data (e_data)
metab_fdataMetabolomics Sample Feature Data (f_data)
metab_objectMetabolomics Data Object of Class metabData
pep_edataPeptide-level Expression Data (e_data)
pep_emetaPeptide-level Meta Data (e_meta)
pep_fdataPeptide-level Sample Feature Data (f_data)
pep_objectPeptide-level Data Object of Class pepData
pro_edataProtein-level Expression Data (e_data)
pro_fdataProtein-level Sample Feature Data (f_data)
pro_objectProtein-level Data Object of Class proData
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