pep_object: Peptide-level Data Object of Class pepData

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An S3 object of class pepData (see as.pepData for details)


A pepData object


a p \times n + 1 data.frame of expression data, where p is the number of peptides observed and n is the number of samples. Each row corresponds to data for each peptide


a data.frame with n rows. Each row corresponds to a sample with one column giving the unique sample identifiers found in e_data column names and other columns providing qualitative and/or quantitative traits of each sample.


an optional data.frame with p rows. Each row corresponds to a peptide with one column giving peptide names (must be named the same as the column in e_data) and other columns giving meta information (e.g. mappings of peptides to proteins).


See details of pmartRdata for relevant grant numbers. Data is also available on MassIVE ( with dataset id MSV000079152.

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