reCluster: re-cluster clustering by 'kmeans'

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Use cluster centers from an initial clustering to initialize kmeans. This is still experimental, and used to re-associated data rows to cluster centers from a best clustering found by flowclusterTimeseries. While the latter clustering works best to extract specific time-courses from the data set, it often comes with a high fraction of badly associated individual data sets. Re-clustering with kmeans seems to clean this up, e.g., the phase distributions of re-clustered clusterings are often tighter. TODO: allow to generate cluster centers from novel data, to account for different/more data then during clustering!


reCluster(tset, cset, k, select = TRUE, ...)



the ‘timeseries’ object from segmenTier's processTimeseries used for initial clustering


the ‘clustering’ object from segmenTier's flowclusterTimeseries


colum name or index of the clustering that should be re-clustered; defaults to the pre-selected clustering if missing


use the re-clustered clustering as the new pre-selected clustering


parameters to kmeans

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