Defines functions run.DESeq2_trans

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#' Wrapper to run DESeq2
#' Wrapper to run DESeq2: create the \code{DESeqDataSet}, normalize data, estimate dispersions, statistical testing...
#' @param counts \code{matrix} of raw counts
#' @param target target \code{data.frame} of the project
#' @param varInt name of the factor of interest (biological condition)
#' @param batch batch effect to take into account (\code{NULL} by default)
#' @param locfunc \code{"median"} (default) or \code{"shorth"} to estimate the size factors
#' @param fitType mean-variance relationship: "parametric" (default) or "local"
#' @param pAdjustMethod p-value adjustment method: \code{"BH"} (default) or \code{"BY"} for instance
#' @param independentFiltering \code{TRUE} or \code{FALSE} to perform the independent filtering or not
#' @param alpha significance threshold to apply to the adjusted p-values
#' @param ... optional arguments to be passed to \code{nbinomWaldTest()}
#' @return A list containing the \code{dds} object (\code{DESeqDataSet} class), the \code{results} objects (\code{DESeqResults} class) and the vector of size factors
#' @author Aditya Narayan Sarangi

run.DESeq2_trans <- function(counts, target, varInt, batch=NULL,
                       locfunc="median", fitType="parametric", pAdjustMethod="BH",alpha=0.05, ...){
  # building dds object
  dds <- DESeqDataSetFromTximport(txi=counts, colData=target, 
                                design=formula(paste("~", ifelse(!is.null(batch), paste(batch,"+"), ""), varInt)))
  cat("Design of the statistical model:\n")
  cat(paste(as.character(design(dds)),collapse=" "),"\n")           
  # normalization
  dds <- estimateSizeFactors(dds,locfunc=eval(as.name(locfunc)))
  cat("\nNormalization factors:\n")
  # estimating dispersions
  dds <- estimateDispersions(dds, fitType=fitType)
  # statistical testing: perform all the comparisons between the levels of varInt
  dds <- nbinomWaldTest(dds, ...)

  results <- list()
  for (comp in combn(nlevels(colData(dds)[,varInt]), 2, simplify=FALSE)){
    levelRef <- levels(colData(dds)[,varInt])[comp[1]]
    levelTest <- levels(colData(dds)[,varInt])[comp[2]]
    results[[paste0(levelTest,"_vs_",levelRef)]] <- results(dds, contrast=c(varInt, levelTest, levelRef),
                                                            pAdjustMethod=pAdjustMethod, alpha=alpha)
    cat(paste("Comparison", levelTest, "vs", levelRef, "done\n"))
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