Man pages for stnava/itkImageR
Examples using Rcpp to interface R and ITK

abpBrainExtractionAn ants-based brain extraction script.
abpN4N4 with previously set parameters based on ants brain...
antsApplyTransformsA simplified (or full) interface to antsApplyTransforms.
antsImage-classClass '"antsImage"'
antsImageCloneImage Clone
antsImageReadImage Read
antsImageWriteImage Write
antsMotionCorrMotion Correction
antsRegistrationA simplified (or full) interface to antsRegistration.
as.antsImagenumeric matrix/array to antsImage
as.arrayantsImage to numeric array
aslPerfusionASL-based Perfusion from PASL, CASL or pCASL.
as.matrixantsImage to numeric matrix
as.numericantsImage to numeric vector
AtroposFMM Segmentation
blockStimulusBlock stimulus model for FMRI Data
cbfCBF Computation
ComparisonRelational operators for antsImage
compcorSimple compcor function.
corwproduces a correlation matrix via weighted correlation.
cvEigenanatomyCross-validation method for eigenanatomy decompositions.
eigSegSegmentation for eigenanatomy.
ExtractExtract/Replace regions an antsImage
fastwhitenSimple fastwhitening function.
filterfMRIforNetworkAnalysisBasic pre-processing for BOLD or ASL-based network analysis.
getCentroidsConvert an image to the geometric centroids of its signal
getfMRInuisanceVariablesExtract generic fMRI nuisance variables for ASL or BOLD
getMaskGet Mask
getMultivariateTemplateCoordinatesLabel multivariate components by an anatomical coordinate...
get_perfusion_predictorsGet perfusion predictors
getROIValuesCompute mean value in each ROI label.
getTemplateCoordinatesDefine an anatomical coordinate system in a new image based...
hemodynamicRFLinear Model for FMRI Data
image2ClusterImagesConverts an image to several independent images.
imageFileNames2ImageListSimple imageFileNames2ImageListing function.
imageListToMatrixRead Images into a Matrix
ImageMathImage Math
imagesToMatrixRead Images into a Matrix
joinEigenanatomySimple joinEigenanatomy function.
KellyKapowskiCompute cortical thickness using the DiReCT algorithm.
labelClustersSimple labelClustering function.
lappendSimple list append tool
make3ViewPNGRotate an existing 3d window into different views.
maskImageMask input image by mask image.
matrixToImagesConvert rows of a matrix to images
MeasureMinMaxMeanMeasure Min Max Mean
mni2talBrett's mni2tal
motion_correctionMotion Correction
N3BiasFieldCorrectionBias Field Correction
networkEiganatConvenience wrapper for eigenanatomy decomposition.
pairwiseImageDistanceMatrixSimple pairwiseImageDistanceMatrix function for images
partialVolumeCorrectionPerform partial volume correction for ASL images.
perfusionregressionPerfusion Regression
phantom_population_studyANTsR population study using R linear regression.
plotANTsImagePlotting an image slice or multi-slice with optional color...
plotBasicNetworkSimple plotBasicNetwork function.
regressProjectionsRegression on image set projection
renderImageLabels3D surface-based rendering of image segmentation labels
renderNetwork3D surface-based rendering of image ROI-based networks
renderSurfaceFunction3D surface-based rendering of volume images.
simple_roi_analysisPerform ROI population analysis between two groups.
simple_voxel_based_analysisPerform voxel-based population analysis between two groups.
SmoothImageSmooth an image
sparseDecomConvenience wrapper for eigenanatomy decomposition.
sparseDecom2Convenience wrapper for 2-view eigenanatomy decomposition.
sparseRegressionSparse regression on input images.
splitDataSplit data for testing and training
taskFMRISimple taskFMRI function.
temporalwhitenSimple autocorrelation-based temporal whitening function.
ThresholdImageTheshold Image
timeseriesimage2matrixTime-series image to matrix
visualizeBlobVisualize cortical blob
whitenSimple whitening function.
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