Man pages for topherconley/spacemap
A novel conditional graphical model for integrative genomics

adj2igraphConvert adjacency matrix to igraph with annotations.
adjacencyAdjacency matrix from spacemap and spacemap models
algoFDRFalse discovery rate
algoMCCMatthew's Correlation Coefficient (MCC)
algoPowerPower function
bcplsNetwork toolkit example input data
bicCondLikeBIC for space under conditional chain graph likelihood...
bicLikeBIC for space under likelihood setting.
bootEnsembleEnsemble networks through boostrapping.
bootVoteModel aggregation through Boot.Vote
cisTransIdentify x-y cis and trans edges.
cvPerfCV.Vote Model Performance
cvVoteCross validation (CV.Vote) for spacemap and space models.
initFitIdentify scale of tuning parameters.
modEnrichModule enrichment analysis.
nonZeroUpperCount the number of y-y edges
nonZeroWholeCount the number of x-y edges
rankHubPrioritize networks hubs by degree.
reportHubsReport top hub nodes with attributes.
reportJointPerfReport joint performance of (x-y,y-y) edge detection
reportPerfReport performance of x-y or y-y edge detection
sim1Toy Hub Network Simulation
spaceFit the SPACE model.
spacemapFit the spacemap model.
tuneVisVisualize cross validation metrics
xHubEnrichFunctional enrichment of x-hub neighborhood.
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