Man pages for wenjie1991/CellBarocde
Cellular DNA Barcode Analysis toolkit

BarcodeObjBarcodeObj object
bc_2dfTransforms BarcodeObj object into another data type
bc_auto_cutoffFinds barcode count cutoff point
bc_barcodesGets barcode sequences
bc_cleanBcAccesses cleanBc slot in the BarcodeObj object
bc_create_BarcodeObjCreate a BarcodeObj object from extracted barcodes data
bc_cure_clusterClean barcodes by editing distance
bc_cure_depthFilters barcodes by counts
bc_cure_umiFilters UMI-barcode tag by counts
bc_extractExtract barcode from sequences
bc_extract_sc_fastqExtract barcode from single-cell sequencing fastq file
bc_extract_sc_samExtract barcode from single-cell sequencing sam file
bc_messyBcAccesses messyBc slot in the BarcodeObj object
bc_metaAccesses and sets metadata in BarcodeObj object
bc_namesAccess & update sample names in BarcodeObj & and BarcodeQcSet
bc_objA dummy BarcodeObj object
bc_plot_countPlot for counts distribution
bc_plot_mutualBarcode read count 2D scatter plot of sample combination
bc_plot_pairBarcode read count 2D scatter plot for given pairs
bc_plot_singleScatter plot of barcode count distribution per sample
bc_seq_filterRemove low-quality sequence
bc_seq_qcEvaluates sequences quality
bc_splitVDJParse VDJ recombination (experimental)
bc_subsetManages barcodes and samples in a BarcodeObj object
bc_summary_barcodeSummary and evaluate barcode diversity
bc_summary_seqQcSummary barcodeQcSet
CellBarcodeDNA Barcode Analysis toolkit
formatFormats BarcodeObj object
parse_10x_samParse 10X bam file
seq_correctSequence clustering
showShow BarcodeObj object
subsetSubset the BarcodeQcSet
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