bc_messyBc: Accesses messyBc slot in the BarcodeObj object

bc_messyBcR Documentation

Accesses messyBc slot in the BarcodeObj object


messyBc slot of BarcodeObj object contains the raw barcode reads frequency data. For more detail about the messyBc slot, see BarcodeObj. bc_messyBc is used to access the 'messyBc' slot in the BarcodeObj.


bc_messyBc(barcodeObj, isList = TRUE)

## S4 method for signature 'BarcodeObj'
bc_messyBc(barcodeObj, isList = TRUE)



A BarcodeObj objects.


A logical value, if TRUE (default), the return is a list with each sample as an element. Otherwise, the function will return a data.frame contains the data from all the samples with a column named sample_name to keep the sample information.


If a list is requested, in the list each element is a data.frame corresponding to the successive samples. Each data.frame has at most 3 columns: 1. umi_seq (optional): UMI sequence. 2. barcode_seq: barcode sequence. 3. count: how many reads a full sequence has.

If a data.frame is requested, the data.frame in the list described above are combined into one data.frame by row, with an extra column named sample_name for identifying sample.


# get the data in messyBc slot
# default the return value is a list

# The return value can be a data.frame
bc_messyBc(bc_obj, isList=FALSE)

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