Man pages for zdk123/SpiecEasi
Sparse Inverse Covariance for Ecological Statistical Inference

adj2igraphAdjacency to igraph
AGPAmerican Gut Project
alrAdditive log-ratio functions method for graph to other data types
as.matrix.graphs3 method for graph to other data types
clrCentered log-ratio functions
cor2covConvert a symmetric correlation matrix to a covariance matrix...
cov2precCovariance matrix to its matrix inverse (Precision matrix)
fitdistrFit parameters of a marginal distribution to some data vector
get_comm_paramsGet the parameters for the OTUs (along mar) of each community
getOptIndget StARS-optimal network
graph2precConvert a symmetric graph (extension of R matrix class)
hmp2Human Microbiome Project 2
make_graphProcedure to generate graph topologies for Gaussian Graphical...
multi.spiec.easimulti domain SPIEC-EASI
neffN_effective: Compute the exponential of the shannon entropy....
norm_pseudoNormalize w/ Pseudocount
norm_to_totalTotal Sum Normalize
prec2covPrecision matrix (inverse covariance) to a covariance matrix
pulsar.paramspulsar params
pval.sparccbootSparCC p-vals
qqdplot_commqq-plot for theoretical vs observed communities
rmvnegbinGenerate multivariate, Zero-inflated negative binomial data,...
rmvnormDraw samples from multivariate, correlated normal...
rmvpoisGenerate multivariate poisson data, with counts approximately...
rmvzinegbinGenerate multivariate, negative binomial data, with counts...
rmvzipoisGenerate multivariate, Zero-inflated poisson data, with...
rzipoisDraw samples from a zero-inflated poisson distribution
shannoncompute the shannon entropy from a vector (normalized...
sparccsparcc wrapper
sparccbootBootstrap SparCC
sparseiCovSparse/penalized estimators of covariance matrices
spiec.easiSPIEC-EASI pipeline
SpiecEasi-packageSpiecEasi: Sparse Inverse Covariance for Ecological...
symBetasym beta
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