mRExp: mRNA expression data

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mRNA expression data


mRNA expression data


mRExp: A SummarizedExperiment object with 72 BRCA and 72 normal samples (rows) and 226 miRNAs (columns).


The matched breast invasive carcinoma (BRCA) miRNA, lncRNA and mRNA expression data is obtained from TCGA ( The data focuses on 72 individuals for which the complete sets of tumor and matched normal (i.e., normal tissue taken from the same patient) profiles are available. A mRNA which has missing values in more than 10 are imputed using the k-nearest neighbours (KNN) algorithm from the impute R package. We use the limma R package to infer differentially expressed mRNAs between tumour and normal samples. After the analysis, we select top 500 mRNAs which are differentially expressed at a significant level (adjusted p-value < 1E-02, adjusted by Benjamini & Hochberg method).

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