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Identification of gene modules from matched ceRNA and mRNA expression data using a series of clustering packages, including stats, flashClust, dbscan, subspace, mclust, SOMbrero and ppclust packages.


  mRExp = NULL,
  cluster.method = "kmeans",
  num.modules = 10,
  num.ModuleceRs = 2,
  num.ModulemRs = 2



A SummarizedExperiment object. ceRNA expression data: rows are samples and columns are ceRNAs.


NULL (default) or a SummarizedExperiment object. mRNA expression data: rows are samples and columns are mRNAs.


Specification of the clustering method, including 'kmeans'(default), 'hclust', 'dbscan' , 'clique', 'gmm', 'som' and 'fcm'.


Parameter of the number of modules to be identified for the 'kmeans', 'hclust', 'gmm' and 'fcm' methods. Parameter of the number of intervals for the 'clique' method. For the 'dbscan' and 'som' methods, no need to set the parameter.


The minimum number of ceRNAs in each module.


The minimum number of mRNAs in each module.


GeneSetCollection object: a list of module genes.


Junpeng Zhang (


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modulegenes_clust <- module_clust(ceRExp[, seq_len(30)],
    mRExp[, seq_len(30)])

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