Defines functions `summary.migpd`

`summary.migpd` <-
function(object, verbose = TRUE, ...){
	d <- dim(object$data)[2]
	conv <- sapply(object$models, function(z) z$convergence)

	if (sum(conv) != 0) 
		conv <- (1:d)[conv != 0]	
	else conv <- NULL
  co <- coefficients.migpd(object)
    cat("\nA collection of", d, "generalized Pareto models.\n")
    if (is.null(conv)) cat("All models converged.\n")
    else cat("The following model(s) did not converge:", paste(conv, collapse=","), "\n")
    cat("Penalty to the likelihood:", object$penalty)
    cat("\n\nSummary of models:\n")
    print(co, ...)

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