tlocoh: Constructs homeranges and explores time use patterns from location data

Constructs homeranges and explores time use patterns from location data.

AuthorAndy Lyons
Date of publication2017-02-03 16:35:17
MaintainerAndy Lyons <>

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Man pages

aoi: Select an area of interest on a plot using the mouse

aoi2box: Converts a dataframe with upper-left / lower-right...

auto.a: Parameters to select a reasonable value of 'a'

chop2plot: Chops a long character object into separate lines for adding...

clean_slivers: Clean slivers

cube: Cubes a number

cw: Console wrap. Formats a string for printing to the console...

findonpath: findonpath

get.vals: Get x and/or y values from a plot using the mouse

hist.locoh.lhs: Plot histograms of hull metrics

hist.locoh.lxy: Plot histograms of properties of a LoCoH-xy object

hm.expr: Hull metrics expressions

hsp2expr: Returns a R expression that will recreate a saved scatterplot...

hulls: Extract hulls from a LoCoH-hullset

isopleths: Extract isopleths from a LoCoH-hullset

lhs.anv.add: Adds an ancillary value to a hullset

lhs.anv.del: Delete ancillary variables from a LoCoH-hullset

lhs.dr.add: Define directional routes

lhs.ellipses.add: Compute hull bounding ellipses

lhs.exp.csv: Export a LoCoH-hullset to csv Create a Quicktime animation from a LoCoH-hullset object

lhs.exp.shp: Export a LoCoH-hullset to shapefile

lhs.filter.anv: Define subsets of hulls based on an ancillary variable

lhs.filter.hsp: Define subsets of hulls based on the location of the parent...

lhs.hsp.add: Adds a hull scatterplot to a LoCoH-hullset object

lhs.hsp.del: Delete a hull scatterplot from a LoCoH-hullset object

lhs.ids.get: Get the ids in a hullsets

lhs.iso.add: Compute isopleths

lhs.iso.del: Delete an isopleth

lhs.merge: Merge LoCoH-hullsets

lhs.pep.add: Add hull metrics for proportion of enclosed points by each...

lhs.plot.isoarea: Plot the area of isopleths as a function of the k/a/r...

lhs.plot.isoear: Plot the isopleth edge:area ratio as a function of k/a/r

lhs.plot.revisit: Plot distribution of revisit times

lhs.plot.scatter: Create scatterplot of hull metrics Generate multiple scatterplots of hull metrics Save a LoCoH-hullset object to disk Select hullsets

lhs.visit.add: Add time use hull metrics to a LoCoH-hullset object

locoh.lhs: Class for a hullsets

locoh.lxy: Class for location data

lxy.amin.add: Finds the value of a such that p percent of points are a...

lxy.anv.add: Add ancillary variable(s) to a LoCoH-xy object

lxy.exp.csv: Export coordinates to a csv file

lxy.exp.kml: Export a lxy object to kml (Google Earth) Create an animation from a LoCoH-xy object

lxy.exp.shp: Export a LoCoH-xy to shapefile

lxy.gridanv.add: Add ancillary variable(s) to a LoCoH-xy object from a raster

lxy.identify.aoi: Identify the points that fall within a bounding box Change the id value(s) in a LoCoH-xy object

lxy.lhs: Create a LoCoH-hullset object from a LoCoH-xy object

lxy.merge: Merges LoCoH-xy object

lxy.nn.add: Identifies nearest neighbors for a LoCoH-xy object

lxy.plot.freq: Plots of sampling frequency

lxy.plot.mtdr: Plot distribution of the ratio the maximum theoretical...

lxy.plot.pt2ctr: Plot distance to centroid over time

lxy.plot.ptsh: Plots the proportion of time-selected hulls over 's'

lxy.plot.sfinder: Plot distributions of 's' such that the vmax/diffusion term...

lxy.plot.tspan: Plot distributions of the time span of nearest neighbors

lxy.proj.add: Specify the projection system for a LoCoH-xy object

lxy.ptsh.add: Compute s vs. proportion-time-selected hulls table Repair a LoCoH-xy object

lxy.reproject: Project or reproject coordinates Save a LoCoH-xy object to disk

lxy.subset: Take a subset of a LoCoH-xy object

lxy.thin.bursts: Thins out the 'bursts' in a GPS dataset

lxy.thin.byfreq: Delete locations to harmonize the sampling frequency and time...

matperim: matperim

move.lxy: Converts a Move object to a LoCoH-xy object

mvee: mvee

n2z: Convert NULL to a zero

plot.locoh.lhs: Plot a LoCoH-hullset object

plot.locoh.lxy: Plot LoCoH-xy object

secs.fmt: Format a number of seconds as minutes, hours or days

square: square

strSplitAtChar: Split a character object into multiple lines

strTrim: Trim leading and/or trailing blanks from a character object

summary.locoh.lhs: Show summary of a LoCoH-hullset

summary.locoh.lxy: Show a summary of a LoCoH-xy object

textContrastColor: Choose a white or black plot background for a particular...

toni: Tracking data for one buffalo in South Africa

tsd.zvals: Space-time transformation term for TSD

vectorize.parameter: Convert a comma-separated string to a vector

xyt.lxy: Create a LoCoH-xy object


aoi Man page
aoi2box Man page
auto.a Man page
chop2plot Man page
clean_slivers Man page
cube Man page
cw Man page
findonpath Man page
get.vals Man page
hist.locoh.lhs Man page
hist.locoh.lxy Man page
hm.expr Man page
hsp2expr Man page
hulls Man page
isopleths Man page
lhs.anv.add Man page
lhs.anv.del Man page
lhs.dr.add Man page
lhs.ellipses.add Man page
lhs.exp.csv Man page Man page
lhs.exp.shp Man page
lhs.filter.anv Man page
lhs.filter.hsp Man page
lhs.hsp.add Man page
lhs.hsp.del Man page
lhs.ids.get Man page
lhs.iso.add Man page
lhs.iso.del Man page
lhs.merge Man page
lhs.pep.add Man page
lhs.plot.isoarea Man page
lhs.plot.isoear Man page
lhs.plot.revisit Man page
lhs.plot.scatter Man page Man page Man page Man page
lhs.visit.add Man page
LoCoH-hullset Man page
locoh.lhs Man page
locoh.lhs-class Man page
locoh.lxy Man page
locoh.lxy-class Man page
LoCoH-xy Man page
lxy.amin.add Man page
lxy.anv.add Man page
lxy.exp.csv Man page
lxy.exp.kml Man page Man page
lxy.exp.shp Man page
lxy.gridanv.add Man page
lxy.identify.aoi Man page Man page
lxy.lhs Man page
lxy.merge Man page
lxy.nn.add Man page
lxy.plot.freq Man page
lxy.plot.mtdr Man page
lxy.plot.pt2ctr Man page
lxy.plot.ptsh Man page
lxy.plot.sfinder Man page
lxy.plot.tspan Man page
lxy.proj.add Man page
lxy.ptsh.add Man page Man page
lxy.reproject Man page Man page
lxy.subset Man page
lxy.thin.bursts Man page
lxy.thin.byfreq Man page
matperim Man page
move.lxy Man page
mvee Man page
n2z Man page
plot.locoh.lhs Man page
plot.locoh.lxy Man page
secs.fmt Man page
square Man page
strSplitAtChar Man page
strTrim Man page
summary.locoh.lhs Man page
summary.locoh.lxy Man page
textContrastColor Man page
toni Man page
tsd.zvals Man page
vectorize.parameter Man page
xyt.lxy Man page


tlocoh/R/aoi.R tlocoh/R/aoi2box.R tlocoh/R/auto.a.R tlocoh/R/chop2plot.R tlocoh/R/clean_slivers.R tlocoh/R/cube.R tlocoh/R/cw.R tlocoh/R/dateticks.R tlocoh/R/empty2na.R tlocoh/R/findonpath.R tlocoh/R/fn.unique.R tlocoh/R/formatdf4cat.R tlocoh/R/formatdf4print.R tlocoh/R/get.vals.R tlocoh/R/hist.locoh.lhs.R tlocoh/R/hist.locoh.lxy.R tlocoh/R/hm.expr.R tlocoh/R/hsp.col.reg.R tlocoh/R/hsp.col.spiral.R tlocoh/R/hsp2expr.R tlocoh/R/hulls.R tlocoh/R/hulls2iso.gpc.R tlocoh/R/hulls2iso.rgeos.R tlocoh/R/isopleths.R tlocoh/R/least.common.multiple.R tlocoh/R/lhs.anv.add.R tlocoh/R/lhs.anv.del.R tlocoh/R/lhs.dr.add.R tlocoh/R/lhs.ellipses.add.R tlocoh/R/lhs.exp.csv.R tlocoh/R/ tlocoh/R/lhs.exp.shp.R tlocoh/R/lhs.filter.anv.R tlocoh/R/lhs.filter.hsp.R tlocoh/R/lhs.hsp.add.R tlocoh/R/lhs.hsp.del.R tlocoh/R/lhs.ids.get.R tlocoh/R/lhs.iso.add.R tlocoh/R/lhs.iso.del.R tlocoh/R/lhs.merge.R tlocoh/R/lhs.pep.add.R tlocoh/R/lhs.plot.isoarea.R tlocoh/R/lhs.plot.isoear.R tlocoh/R/lhs.plot.revisit.R tlocoh/R/lhs.plot.scatter.R tlocoh/R/ tlocoh/R/ tlocoh/R/ tlocoh/R/ tlocoh/R/lhs.visit.add.R tlocoh/R/locoh.lhs.R tlocoh/R/locoh.lxy.R tlocoh/R/lxy.amin.add.R tlocoh/R/lxy.anv.add.R tlocoh/R/lxy.exp.csv.R tlocoh/R/lxy.exp.kml.R tlocoh/R/ tlocoh/R/lxy.exp.shp.R tlocoh/R/lxy.gridanv.add.R tlocoh/R/ tlocoh/R/lxy.identify.aoi.R tlocoh/R/lxy.lhs.R tlocoh/R/lxy.merge.R tlocoh/R/lxy.nn.add.R tlocoh/R/lxy.plot.freq.R tlocoh/R/lxy.plot.mtdr.R tlocoh/R/lxy.plot.pt2ctr.R tlocoh/R/lxy.plot.ptsh.R tlocoh/R/lxy.plot.sfinder.R tlocoh/R/lxy.plot.tspan.R tlocoh/R/lxy.proj.add.R tlocoh/R/lxy.ptsh.add.R tlocoh/R/ tlocoh/R/lxy.reproject.R tlocoh/R/ tlocoh/R/lxy.subset.R tlocoh/R/lxy.thin.bursts.R tlocoh/R/lxy.thin.byfreq.R tlocoh/R/matperim.R tlocoh/R/move.lxy.R tlocoh/R/multi.proportion.col.R tlocoh/R/mvee.R tlocoh/R/n2z.R tlocoh/R/plot.locoh.lhs.R tlocoh/R/plot.locoh.lxy.R tlocoh/R/poly.from.plot.R tlocoh/R/readpartgdal.R tlocoh/R/regions.draw.R tlocoh/R/secs.fmt.R tlocoh/R/shp.layers.R tlocoh/R/shp.layers.crop.R tlocoh/R/square.R tlocoh/R/startup.R tlocoh/R/strSplitAtChar.R tlocoh/R/strTrim.R tlocoh/R/summary.locoh.lhs.R tlocoh/R/summary.locoh.lxy.R tlocoh/R/textContrastColor.R tlocoh/R/time.factor.R tlocoh/R/time.unit.from.val.R tlocoh/R/toni.R tlocoh/R/tsd.zvals.R tlocoh/R/vectorize.parameter.R tlocoh/R/xyt.lxy.R tlocoh/R/
tlocoh/man/aoi.Rd tlocoh/man/aoi2box.Rd tlocoh/man/auto.a.Rd tlocoh/man/chop2plot.Rd tlocoh/man/clean_slivers.Rd tlocoh/man/cube.Rd tlocoh/man/cw.Rd tlocoh/man/findonpath.Rd tlocoh/man/get.vals.Rd tlocoh/man/hist.locoh.lhs.Rd tlocoh/man/hist.locoh.lxy.Rd tlocoh/man/hm.expr.Rd tlocoh/man/hsp2expr.Rd tlocoh/man/hulls.Rd tlocoh/man/isopleths.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.anv.add.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.anv.del.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.dr.add.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.ellipses.add.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.exp.csv.Rd tlocoh/man/ tlocoh/man/lhs.exp.shp.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.filter.anv.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.filter.hsp.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.hsp.add.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.hsp.del.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.ids.get.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.iso.add.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.iso.del.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.merge.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.pep.add.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.plot.isoarea.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.plot.isoear.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.plot.revisit.Rd tlocoh/man/lhs.plot.scatter.Rd tlocoh/man/ tlocoh/man/ tlocoh/man/ tlocoh/man/lhs.visit.add.Rd tlocoh/man/locoh.lhs.Rd tlocoh/man/locoh.lxy.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.amin.add.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.anv.add.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.exp.csv.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.exp.kml.Rd tlocoh/man/ tlocoh/man/lxy.exp.shp.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.gridanv.add.Rd tlocoh/man/ tlocoh/man/lxy.identify.aoi.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.lhs.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.merge.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.nn.add.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.plot.freq.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.plot.mtdr.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.plot.pt2ctr.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.plot.ptsh.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.plot.sfinder.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.plot.tspan.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.proj.add.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.ptsh.add.Rd tlocoh/man/ tlocoh/man/lxy.reproject.Rd tlocoh/man/ tlocoh/man/lxy.subset.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.thin.bursts.Rd tlocoh/man/lxy.thin.byfreq.Rd tlocoh/man/matperim.Rd tlocoh/man/move.lxy.Rd tlocoh/man/mvee.Rd tlocoh/man/n2z.Rd tlocoh/man/plot.locoh.lhs.Rd tlocoh/man/plot.locoh.lxy.Rd tlocoh/man/secs.fmt.Rd tlocoh/man/square.Rd tlocoh/man/strSplitAtChar.Rd tlocoh/man/strTrim.Rd tlocoh/man/summary.locoh.lhs.Rd tlocoh/man/summary.locoh.lxy.Rd tlocoh/man/textContrastColor.Rd tlocoh/man/toni.Rd tlocoh/man/tsd.zvals.Rd tlocoh/man/vectorize.parameter.Rd tlocoh/man/xyt.lxy.Rd

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