locoh.lhs: Class for a hullsets

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Class for a collection of hullsets and associated objects including hull metrics and isopleths


An object of class locoh.lhs is a list (S3) containing one or more sets of hulls (local MCPs) for a set of points. One hull is saved for each point if the method used to create the hulls returned at least two nearest neighbors for each point, otherwise the number of hulls might be less than the number of points. In addition to hulls (saved as a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame), LoCoH-hullset object may also contain:

In code examples, objects of class locoh.lhs are often noted by a 'lhs' suffix, and functions that are designed to work on LoCoH-hullset objects typically start with 'lhs'.

For a complete description of the data structure, see the vignette T-LoCoH Data Classes.

See Also

lxy.lhs, summary.locoh.lhs, plot.locoh.lhs, lhs.merge, lhs.iso.add, lhs.save, lhs.exp.shp

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