Man pages for BiocGenerics
S4 generic functions used in Bioconductor

annotationAccessing annotation information
appendAppend elements to a vector-like object to a data frame
as.listCoerce to a list
as.vectorCoerce an object into a vector
BiocGenerics-packageS4 generic functions for Bioconductor
boxplotBox plots
cbindCombine objects by rows or columns
clusterApplyApply operations using clusters
colSumsForm Row and Column Sums and Means
combineCombining or merging different Bioconductor data structures
dbconnAccessing SQLite DB information
densityKernel density estimation
dgeAccessors and generic functions used in the context of count...
dimsGet the dimensions of all elements in a list-like object
do.callExecute a function call
duplicatedDetermine duplicate elements
evalEvaluate an (unevaluated) expression
evalqEvaluate an (unevaluated) expression
ExtremesMaxima and minima
fileNameAccessing the file name of an object
funprogCommon higher-order functions in functional programming...
getReturn the value of a named object
grepPattern Matching and Replacement
imageDisplay a color image
IQRThe Interquartile Range
is.unsortedTest if a vector-like object is not sorted
lapplyApply a function over a list-like or vector-like object
madMedian Absolute Deviation
mapplyApply a function to multiple list-like or vector-like...
matchValue matching
meanArithmetic Mean
normalizeNormalize an object
nrowThe number of rows/columns of an array-like object
OntologyGeneric Ontology getter
orderOrdering permutation
organism_speciesOrganism and species accessors
pasteConcatenate strings
pathAccessing the path of an object
plotMAMA-plot: plot differences versus averages for high-throughput...
plotPCAPCA-plot: Principal Component Analysis plot
rankRanks the values in a vector-like object
relistRe-listing an unlist()ed object
repReplicate elements of a vector-like object
residualsExtract model residuals
row_colnamesRow and column names
S3-classes-as-S4-classesS3 classes as S4 classes
scoreScore accessor
setsSet operations
sortSorting a vector-like object
startThe start(), end(), width(), and pos() generic getters and...
strandAccessing strand information
subsetSubsetting vector-like, matrix-like and data-frame-like...
tMatrix Transpose
tableCross tabulation and table creation
tapplyApply a function over a ragged array
testPackageRun RUnit package unit tests
toTableAn alternative to
typeAccessing the type of an object
uniqueExtract unique elements
unlistFlatten list-like objects
unsplitUnsplit a list-like object
updateObjectUpdate an object to its current class definition
varVariance and Standard Deviation
weightsExtract model weights
whichWhich values in an object are considered TRUE?
which.minWhat's the index of the first min or max value in an object?
xtabsCross tabulation
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