filterCage: Filter peak of cage-data by value

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Filter peak of cage-data by value


filterCage(cage, filterValue = 1, fiveUTRs = NULL, preCleanup = TRUE)



Either a filePath for the CageSeq file as .bed .bam or .wig, with possible compressions (".gzip", ".gz", ".bgz"), or already loaded CageSeq peak data as GRanges or GAlignment. NOTE: If it is a .bam file, it will add a score column by running: convertToOneBasedRanges(cage, method = "5prime", addScoreColumn = TRUE) The score column is then number of replicates of read, if score column is something else, like read length, set the score column to NULL first.


The minimum number of reads on cage position, for it to be counted as possible new tss. (represented in score column in CageSeq data) If you already filtered, set it to 0.


a GRangesList (NULL), if added will filter out cage reads by these following rules: all reads in region (-5:-1, 1:5) for each tss will be removed, removes noise.


logical (TRUE), if TRUE, remove all reads in region (-5:-1, 1:5) of all original tss in leaders. This is to keep original TSS if it is only +/- 5 bases from the original.


the filtered Granges object

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