Man pages for cpvSNP
Gene set analysis methods for SNP association p-values that lie in genes in given gene sets

assocPvalBySetPlotCreate a Density Plot of P-Values, Highlighting SNPs Within a...
createArrayDataCreate a GRanges Object for a GWAS data.frame
degreesOfFreedom-method~~ Methods for Function 'degreesOfFreedom' ~~
exampleArrayDataSNP Array Data to Use for Gene Set Analysis
geneSetAnalysisData to run gene set analysis methods
geneSetName-methods~~ Methods for Function 'geneSetName' ~~
GeneSetResult-classClass '"GeneSetResult"'
GeneSetResultCollection-classClass '"GeneSetResultCollection"'
geneSetsGene Set Collection object
geneToSNPListTranslate a List of Gene Ids to Their Corresponding SNP Ids
glossiCalculate a Chi-squared Statistic and P-Value for Independent...
glossiMarginalCalculate a Chi-squared Statistic and P-Value for Items in a...
GLOSSIResult-classClass '"GLOSSIResult"'
GLOSSIResultCollection-classClass '"GLOSSIResultCollection"'
plotPvalsCreate a Plot of P-Values Against Number of SNPs per Set for...
pValue-method~~ Methods for Function 'pValue' ~~
show-methods~~ Methods for Function 'show' in Package 'base' ~~
simulate_chisqSimulate a Chi-squared Statistic from a Distribution with a...
simulatedStats-method~~ Methods for Function 'simulatedStats' ~~
statistic-methods~~ Methods for Function 'statistic' ~~
vegasCalculate the P-Value for a Set Using the VEGAS Method
vegasMarginalCalculate the P-Value for a Set Using the VEGAS Method
VEGASResult-classClass '"VEGASResult"'
VEGASResultCollection-classClass '"VEGASResultCollection"'
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