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This is a class representation for an INI_calls-class object. The INI_calls-class consists of two instances of exprSet-class, containing an informative exprSet and a non-informative exprSet.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created using the function INIcalls.



Object of class "vector" containing informative probe set names.


Object of class "vector" containing non-informative probe set names.


Object of class exprSet-class representing the informative exprSet.


Object of class exprSet-class representing the non-informative exprSet.


Object of class "vector" containing the INI-call value.


Djork Clevert

See Also

expFarms, qFarms,lFarms,INIcalls


eset <- expFarms(testAffyBatch, bgcorrect.method = "none", pmcorrect.method = "pmonly", normalize.method = "constant") 
INIs <- INIcalls(eset)  # apply I/NI calls
plot(INIs) # draws a density plot of I/NI-calls
I_data <- getI_Eset(INIs) # affybatch containing only informative probe sets
NI_data <- getNI_Eset(INIs) # affybatch containing only non-informative probe sets
I_probes <- getI_ProbeSets(INIs) # vector containing only informative probe sets names
NI_probes <- getNI_ProbeSets(INIs) # vector containing only  non-informative probe sets names

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Citation: S. Hochreiter et al.,
A new summarization method for affymetrix probe level data,
Bioinformatics, 22, 8, 943-949, 2006

Citation: W. Talloen et al.,
I/NI-calls for the exclusion of non-informative genes: a highly effective filtering tool for microarray data,
Bioinformatics, 23, 21, 2897-2902, 2007
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FARMS Package Version 1.28.0

Changes in FARMS:
For all changes previous to 1.3.0, see the farms vignette.
Version 1.3.0: Added I/NI-calls for filtering
               Adjusted Hyperparameters for alternative CDFs,
               probes set standardized, weighted mean
               Works now with R >= 2.8 and Bioconductor 2.3,
               Changed termination criterion, initialization values,
               factors and loadings scaled, added argument robust
               Update for R-2.11
               Updated I/NI-Call for Laplace-FARMS version,
               Maximum likelihood correlation structure given
               non-negative constraints
Version 1.4.0: Default centering changed to median
Version 1.8.x: Suppression of spurious correlation (Laplace-FARMS)

Warning message:
In read.dcf(con) :
  URL '': status was 'Couldn't connect to server'
background correction: none 
normalization: constant 
PM/MM correction : pmonly 
expression values: farms 
background correcting...done.
2 ids to be processed
|                    |
Informative probe sets      : 0% 
Non-Informative probe sets  : 100% 

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