flowCore-package: Provides S4 data structures and basic infrastructure and functions to deal with flow cytometry data.


Define important flow cytometry data classes: flowFrame, flowSet and their accessors.

Provide important transformation, filter, gating, workflow, and summary functions for flow cytometry data analysis.

Most of flow cytometry related Bioconductor packages (such as flowStats, flowFP, flowQ, flowViz, flowMerge, flowClust) are heavily depended on this package.


Package: flowCore
Type: Package
Version: 1.11.20
Date: 2009-09-16
License: Artistic-2.0


Maintainer: Florian Hahne <fhahne@fhcrc.org>

Authors: B. Ellis, P. Haaland, F. Hahne, N. Le Meur, N. Gopalakrishnan

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