API for flowWorkspace
Infrastructure for representing and interacting with gated and ungated cytometry data sets.

Global functions
GatingHierarchy-class Man page
GatingSet Man page
GatingSet,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
GatingSet,character,character-method Man page
GatingSet,flowSet,ANY-method Man page
GatingSet-class Man page
GatingSetList Man page Man page Source code
GatingSetList-class Man page
LdFlags Source code
Rm Man page
Rm,character,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
Rm,character,GatingSet,character-method Man page
Rm,character,GatingSetList,character-method Man page
[,GatingSet,ANY-method Man page
[,GatingSetList,ANY-method Man page Man page
[[,GatingSet,character-method Man page
[[,GatingSet,logical-method Man page
[[,GatingSet,numeric-method Man page
add Man page
add,GatingHierarchy,factor-method Man page
add,GatingHierarchy,filter-method Man page
add,GatingHierarchy,filters-method Man page
add,GatingHierarchy,logical-method Man page
add,GatingHierarchy,logicalFilterResult-method Man page
add,GatingHierarchy,multipleFilterResult-method Man page
add,GatingHierarchy,quadGate-method Man page
add,GatingSet,filter-method Man page
add,GatingSet,filterList-method Man page
add,GatingSet,filters-method Man page
add,GatingSet,filtersList-method Man page
add,GatingSet,list-method Man page
add,GatingSetList,filter-method Man page
add,GatingSetList,filterList-method Man page
add,GatingSetList,filters-method Man page
add,GatingSetList,filtersList-method Man page
add,GatingSetList,list-method Man page
addGate Source code
addGatingHierarchies Source code
addTrans Source code
asinh_Gml2 Man page Source code
asinhtGml2_trans Man page Source code
booleanFilter Man page Source code
booleanFilter-class Man page
char2booleanFilter Man page Source code
checkRedundantNodes Man page Source code
clone Man page
clone,GatingSet-method Man page
clone-methods Man page
closeWorkspace Man page
closeWorkspace,flowJoWorkspace-method Man page
colnames,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
colnames,GatingSet-method Man page
colnames<-,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
colnames<-,GatingSet-method Man page
compact Source code
compareFlowData Source code
compareGatingHierarchy Source code
compareGatingSet Source code
compensate,GatingSet,ANY-method Man page
compensate,GatingSetList,ANY-method Man page
computeCV Source code
computeCV_gh Source code
compute_timestep Man page Source code
convertTrans Source code
cpp_CloneGatingSet Source code
cpp_NewGatingSet Source code
cpp_NewGatingSet_rootOnly Source code
cpp_addGate Source code
cpp_boolGating Source code
cpp_combineGatingSet Source code
cpp_computeGates Source code
cpp_gating Source code
cpp_getChildren Source code
cpp_getCompensation Source code
cpp_getGate Source code
cpp_getGateFlag Source code
cpp_getHiddenFlag Source code
cpp_getIndices Source code
cpp_getLogLevel Source code
cpp_getNegateFlag Source code
cpp_getNodeID Source code
cpp_getNodes Source code
cpp_getParent Source code
cpp_getPopStats Source code
cpp_getSamples Source code
cpp_getSingleCellExpression Source code
cpp_getSingleCellExpressionByGate Source code
cpp_getTransformations Source code
cpp_loadGatingSet Source code
cpp_parseWorkspace Source code
cpp_plotGh Source code
cpp_removeNode Source code
cpp_saveGatingSet Source code
cpp_setGate Source code
cpp_setIndices Source code
cpp_setLogLevel Source code
cpp_setNodeFlag Source code
cpp_setNodeName Source code
cpp_setSample Source code
cpp_togleErrorFlag Source code
dropRedundantChannels Man page Source code
dropRedundantNodes Man page Source code
estimateLogicle.GatingHierarchy Man page Source code
extract_cluster_pop_name_from_node Man page Source code
filterObject Man page
filterObject,booleanFilter-method Man page
filterObject,ellipsoidGate-method Man page
filterObject,logical-method Man page
filterObject,polygonGate-method Man page
filterObject,rectangleGate-method Man page
fix_channel_slash Man page Source code
fix_y_axis Source code
flowData Man page Man page
flowData,GatingSet-method Man page
flowData<- Man page
flowData<-,GatingSet-method Man page
flowJo.fasinh Man page Source code
flowJo.flog Man page Source code
flowJo.fsinh Man page Source code
flowJoTrans Man page Source code Source code
flowJoWorkspace-class Man page
flowJo_biexp_trans Man page Source code
flowJo_fasinh_trans Man page Source code
flowWorkspace Man page
flowWorkspace-package Man page
flowWorkspace.par.get Man page Source code
flowWorkspace.par.init Man page Source code
flowWorkspace.par.set Man page Source code
flow_breaks Man page Source code
flow_trans Man page Source code
formatAxis Source code
formulaParser Source code
fromGXL Source code
getAllDescendants Source code
getAxisLabels Source code
getChildren Man page
getChildren,GatingSet,character-method Man page
getCompensationMatrices Man page
getCompensationMatrices,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
getCompensationObj Man page Source code
getData Man page
getData,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
getData,GatingHierarchy,missing-method Man page
getData,GatingSet,character-method Man page
getData,GatingSet,missing-method Man page
getData,GatingSetList,ANY-method Man page
getDescendants Man page Source code Source code
getFJWSubsetIndices Man page Source code
getFileNames Source code Source code
getGate Man page
getGate,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
getGate,GatingSet,character-method Man page
getGate,GatingSetList,character-method Man page
getGraph Source code
getIndiceMat Man page Source code Source code
getIndices Man page
getIndices,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
getIndices,GatingSet,name-method Man page
getKeyword Source code
getKeywords Man page
getKeywords,flowJoWorkspace,character-method Man page
getKeywords,flowJoWorkspace,numeric-method Man page
getKeywordsBySampleID Source code
getKeywordsBySampleName Source code
getLoglevel Man page Source code
getMergedStats Man page Source code
getNodeInd Source code
getNodes Man page
getNodes,GatingSet-method Man page
getNodes_removeHidden Source code
getOverlay Source code
getParent Man page
getParent,GatingSet,character-method Man page
getPopChnlMapping Source code
getPopCounts Source code
getPopStat Source code
getPopStats Man page
getPopStats,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
getPopStats,GatingSet-method Man page
getPopStats,GatingSetList-method Man page
getProp Man page
getProp,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
getRange Source code
getSampleGroups Man page Source code
getSampleGroups,flowJoWorkspace-method Man page
getSamples Man page Source code
getSamples,flowJoWorkspace-method Man page
getSingleCellExpression Man page Source code
getSingleCellExpression,GatingSet,character-method Man page
getSingleCellExpression,GatingSetList,character-method Man page
getSingleCellExpressionByGate Man page Source code
getSplineCoefs Source code
getStats Man page Source code
getStats.GatingHierarchy Man page Source code
getStats.GatingSet Man page Source code
getStats.GatingSetList Man page Source code
getTotal Man page
getTotal,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
getTransformations Man page Source code
getTransformations,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
getWorkspaceType Source code
gh_check_cluster_node Man page Source code
gh_get_cluster_labels Man page Source code
graph_handler Source code
groupByChannels Man page Source code
groupByTree Man page Source code
insertGate Man page Source code
isGated Man page
isGated,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
isHidden Man page
isHidden,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
isNcdf Man page Source code
isNegated Man page
isNegated,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
keyword Man page
keyword,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
keyword,GatingHierarchy,missing-method Man page
keyword,GatingSet,character-method Man page
keyword,GatingSet,missing-method Man page
keyword,GatingSetList,character-method Man page
keyword,GatingSetList,missing-method Man page
lapply,GatingSet-method Man page
layoutGraph Source code
length Man page
length,GatingSet-method Man page
load_gs Man page Man page Source code Source code
load_gslist Man page Man page Man page Source code
logicleGml2_trans Man page Source code
logicle_trans Man page Source code
logtGml2_trans Man page Source code
markernames,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
markernames,GatingSet-method Man page
markernames<-,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
markernames<-,GatingSet-method Man page
matchCols Source code
merge-GatingSet Man page
mergeGates Source code
mkformula Man page Source code
moveNode Man page Source code Source code
ncFlowSet Man page
ncFlowSet,GatingSet-method Man page
ncFlowSet<- Man page
ncFlowSet<-,GatingSet-method Man page
openWorkspace Man page
openWorkspace,character-method Man page
pData Man page Man page Man page
pData,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
pData,GatingSet-method Man page
pData<- Man page
pData<-,GatingSet,data.frame-method Man page
pData<-,GatingSetList,data.frame-method Man page
parse.pData Source code
parseCond Source code
parseWorkspace Man page Source code
parseWorkspace,flowJoWorkspace-method Man page
plot Man page
plot,GatingSet,character-method Man page
plot,GatingSet,missing-method Man page
plotGate Man page Man page Source code
plotGate,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
plotGate,GatingHierarchy,missing-method Man page
plotGate,GatingHierarchy,numeric-method Man page Man page
plotGate,GatingSet,character-method Man page
plotGate,GatingSet,missing-method Man page
plotGate,GatingSet,numeric-method Man page
plotGate,GatingSetList,character-method Man page
plotGate-methods Man page
plotGate.gh Source code
plotPopCV Man page
plotPopCV,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
plotPopCV,GatingSet-method Man page
plot_diff_tree Man page Source code
pop.MFI Man page Source code
preplot Source code
preprocessMap Source code
preprocessor Source code
pretty10exp Source code
prettyAxis Man page Source code
rbind2,GatingSetList,missing-method Man page
recompute Man page Source code
recompute,GatingSet-method Man page
recompute,GatingSetList-method Man page
renameMarker Source code
sBoolGate Source code
sCompensated Source code
sampleNames Man page Man page
sampleNames,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
sampleNames,GatingSet-method Man page
sampleNames<- Man page
sampleNames<-,GatingSet,ANY-method Man page
sampleNames<-,GatingSet-method Man page
save_gs Man page Source code Source code
save_gslist Man page Man page Source code
set.count.xml Man page Source code Source code
setGate Man page
setGate,GatingHierarchy,character,filter-method Man page
setGate,GatingSet,character,filterList-method Man page
setGate,GatingSet,character,list-method Man page
setLoglevel Man page Source code
setNode Man page
setNode,GatingHierarchy,character,character-method Man page
setNode,GatingHierarchy,character,logical-method Man page
setNode,GatingSet,character,ANY-method Man page
show,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
show,GatingSet-method Man page
show,booleanFilter-method Man page Man page
show,flowJoWorkspace-method Man page
standardize-GatingSet Man page
subset.GatingSet Man page Source code
transform,GatingSet-method Man page
transform,GatingSetList-method Man page
transformRange Source code
transformerList Man page Source code
trimWhiteSpace Source code
updateChannels Man page Source code Source code
updateIndices,GatingHierarchy,character,logical-method Man page
uuid_gen Source code
validGatingSetListObject Source code
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