graphite: GRAPH Interaction from pathway Topological Environment

Graph objects from pathway topology derived from Biocarta, HumanCyc, KEGG, NCI, Panther, Reactome and SPIKE databases.

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AuthorGabriele Sales <>, Enrica Calura <>, Chiara Romualdi <>
Bioconductor views BioCarta GraphAndNetwork KEGG Network Pathways Reactome ThirdPartyClient
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerGabriele Sales <>

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as.list.DeprecatedPathwayList Man page
as.list.PathwayList Man page
biocarta Man page
buildPathway Man page
convertIdentifiers Man page
convertIdentifiers,DeprecatedPathwayList-method Man page
convertIdentifiers,PathwayList-method Man page
convertIdentifiers,Pathway-method Man page
cytoscapePlot Man page
DeprecatedPathwayList-class Man page
[,DeprecatedPathwayList-method Man page
[[,DeprecatedPathwayList-method Man page
$,DeprecatedPathwayList-method Man page
edges,Pathway,ANY-method Man page
humancyc Man page
kegg Man page
length,DeprecatedPathwayList-method Man page
length,PathwayList-method Man page
names,DeprecatedPathwayList-method Man page
names,PathwayList-method Man page
nci Man page
nodes,Pathway-method Man page
panther Man page
Pathway-class Man page
pathwayDatabases Man page
pathwayGraph Man page
PathwayList-class Man page
[,PathwayList-method Man page
[[,PathwayList-method Man page
$,PathwayList-method Man page
pathways Man page
Pathways-class Man page
plot,Pathway,ANY-method Man page
prepareSPIA Man page
prepareSPIA,DeprecatedPathwayList-method Man page
prepareSPIA,list-method Man page
prepareSPIA,PathwayList-method Man page
reactome Man page
runClipper Man page
runClipper,DeprecatedPathwayList-method Man page
runClipper,list-method Man page
runClipperMulti Man page
runClipper,PathwayList-method Man page
runClipper,Pathway-method Man page
runDEGraph Man page
runDEGraph,DeprecatedPathwayList-method Man page
runDEGraph,list-method Man page
runDEGraphMulti Man page
runDEGraph,PathwayList-method Man page
runDEGraph,Pathway-method Man page
runSPIA Man page
runTopologyGSA Man page
runTopologyGSA,DeprecatedPathwayList-method Man page
runTopologyGSA,list-method Man page
runTopologyGSAMulti Man page
runTopologyGSA,PathwayList-method Man page
runTopologyGSA,Pathway-method Man page

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