Man pages for matter
A framework for rapid prototyping with file-based data structures

applyApply Functions Over "matter" Matrices
biglmUsing "biglm" with "matter"
binvecBin a vector
bsearchBinary Search with Approximate Matching
checksumCalculate Checksums and Cryptographic Hashes
chunk_applyApply Functions Over Chunks of a List, Vector, or Matrix
colStatsRow and Column Summary Statistics
combine-methodCombine Out-of-Memory Objects
combiner-methodGet or Set combiner for an Object
delayed-opsDelayed Operations on "matter" Objects
drle-classDelta Run Length Encoding
keys-methodGet or Set Keys for an Object
lapplyApply Functions Over "matter" Lists
locmaxLocal Maxima
matter_arr-classOut-of-Memory Arrays
matter-classVectors, Matrices, and Arrays Stored in Virtual Memory
matter-datatypesData Types for "matter" Objects
matter_df-classOut-of-Memory Data Frames
matter_fc-classOut-of-Memory Factors
matter_list-classOut-of-Memory Lists of Vectors
matter_mat-classOut-of-Memory Matrices
matter-optionsOptions for "matter" Objects
matter_str-classOut-of-Memory Strings
matter-utilsInternal Utilities for "matter" Package
matter_vec-classOut-of-Memory Vectors
prcompPrincipal Components Analysis for "matter" Matrices
profmemProfile Memory Use
rep_vtVirtual Replication of Vectors
scaleScaling and Centering of "matter" Matrices
sparse_mat-classSparse Matrices
stream-statsStreaming Summary Statistics
structC-Style Structs Stored in Virtual Memory
summary-statsSummary Statistics for "matter" Objects
tolerance-methodGet or Set Tolerance for an Object
uuidUniversally Unique Identifiers
virtual_mat-classVirtual Matrices
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