matter-datatypes: Data Types for "matter" Objects



The matter package defines a number of data types for translating between data elements stored in virtual memory and data elements loaded into R. These are typically set and stored via the datamode argument and slot.

At the R level, matter objects may be any of the following data modes:

In virtual memory, matter objects may be composed of atomic units of the following data types:

While a substantial effort is made to coerce data elements properly between data types, sometimes this cannot be done losslessly. This will generate a warning (typically many such warnings) that can be silenced by setting options(matter.cast.warning=FALSE).

Note that the unsigned data types do not support NA; coercion to signed short and long attempts to preserve missingness. The special values NaN, Inf, and -Inf are only supported by the floating-point types, and will be set to NA for signed integral types, and to 0 for unsigned integral types.

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