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This is a graphical interface to the RP function from RankProd package applied to detection of alternative splicing




Before using this method it is strongly suggested to perform a filter on the basis of DABG p-values using the filtering function available in the filtering menu. DABG values can be calculated if exon array probe set data are generated using the oneChannelGUI graphical implementation to APT tools. Affymetrix suggests to calculate probe set intensity at gene level using iterPlier and at exon level using plier. Subsequently SpliceIndex need to be calculated using the function available in the exon menu. Finally the Rank Product method could be applied exon by exon. For more details on the method see RankProd package. Selection of putative alternative splicing could be done using the filtering function available in the filtering menu of oneChannelGUI


IMPORTANT we are still evaluating the efficacy of this method for detection of alternative splicing events. Use it being concious of this!


Raffaele A Calogero

See Also

inspecting.splice, spliceIndex

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