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The S3 AmigaBasicBMAP class


A class that represents the content of Amiga Basic BMAP files.


The Amiga operating system made use of library files to execute specific (repetitive/routine) tasks. Amiga Basic was also able to call such routines from library files. In order to do so, it required a 'bmap' file for each library. This file contains a map of the library where it specifies: the name of routine; the ‘Library Vector Offset’ (explained below); and used CPU registers (explained below).

The ‘Library Vector Offset’ is an offset to the base address of a library in memory. This offsets indicates where a specific executable routine starts. The CPU registers are used to (temporary) store (pointers to) input data used by the routine. The BMAP file thus lists which CPU registers are used by specified routines.


Pepijn de Vries


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